Documentation: maintaining an updated Get Involved page
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Since the Onboarding Goal was voted, work has already been done on KDE's Get Involved webpage, but there is always room for improvement.

Please choose an area you care about from that page and go through each step while keeping in mind:

  • What's missing?
  • What can be improved?
  • What can be removed?

The goal is to make things simple and to the point, so newcomers are not overwhelmed but are instead guided step by step. We should have clearly marked paths for people to follow so they can get involved to the projects they are interested to contribute to.

A good way to keep this page up to date and relevant is to remember to consistently point newcomers to it. Every time they come across an issue or step that is not straightforward, please ask them to report it, add the related information by editing the wiki themselves or at least leave a comment in the appropriate sub-task about what can be improved.

Any further ideas and comments are more than welcome!

neofytosk triaged this task as Normal priority.

One thing I noticed in the Wiki is a huge amount of broken links. Those should be updated (if possible) or removed. Maybe one could do some kind of webcrawler that scans our whole wiki for broken links.

@nicolasfella that's a really major issue, yes. However, I think we should stick to the "Get Involved" page here in this task, so that we don't broaden its scope/discussion too much. Cleaning up the whole wiki could be a separate task, with subtasks for every main section that people can assign to themselves (because doing the whole thing at once might be too much for one person).

Back on topic, I'm going to go through Promo and Documentation sections this weekend, and propose some changes.