Consider a new name (confusion with Kubernetes-related tools and techs)
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I hate to be "that guy" but with the recent rise of Kubernetes pretty much everything related to cubes written with a K is associated with technologies related to it. A very recent example is

I'm fully aware that Kube predates most of those projects but nevertheless my point remains.
Given that Kube did not yet have its 1.0 release, I think there's little harm if another name was chosen.

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Yeah I've noticed that.

While it's not great, we operate in a completely different space so there are currently no plans for a rename.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

How about instead of a full rename a "tweak" of the current name? Maybe something along the lines of 'Kube Mail'? What do you think?

I thought about that as well but haven't come up with a good name so far. Kube Mail would be tempting right now of course, but limiting ourselves to mail is really not what we're aspiring to be, so not a great name in the long run I think. Kube is about communication, collaboration and organizing/structuring (traditionally called Personal Information Management and Groupware) and I have yet to find a catchy name for that. Ideas welcome =)

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