Separate login field for IMAP, SMTP
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Kube currently seems to assume that login username for IMAP and SMTP is the same as the e-mail address -- however, this is not always the case.

Kube should support specifying login username separately from the e-mail address. This could be done via the IMAP and SMTP configuration URLs, if support for a username is provided. This would mean that one could specify them as (for example):

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We simplified this on purpose for UX reasons. Most people will be covered with what we currently have.
Our idea to support these fringe cases is to offer a "expert imap account" in the UI where people who know what they are doing can configure whatever their setup requires.

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Another thing to put in the “expert imap account” setting would be that the used e-mail address and log in are not necessarily the same. For example, I get e-mails to the same IMAP server on both my private address and my FSFE address, but neither are the actual username for the server.

KMail handles this very neatly by separating the identities from accounts, which also enables to have a different identity/address for different folders.

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login name and email address are now separate fields. Separate loginnames for imap and smtp is very unlikely to happen in the UI, but would be doable anyways by editing the configuration files.