Brainstorm ideas for I <3 Free Software Day
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Every year on Valentine's Day, FSFE leads the celebration of Free Software under the name of "I <3 Free Software Day".

Let's try to brainstorm some ways in which we could join the celebration, spread the love in our community, and promote our awesome Free software.

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  1. Any couple know each other and get married due to KDE community?
  2. Call for some short story which made the author feel it's so good to use KDE (and it's applications)
  3. Call for wallpaper showing their love to KDE .
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Maybe a press release on .org or Planet with examples of ways of showing love for KDE and Free Software in general. Depending on the options taken, write follow-up articles as needed.

Examples off the top of my head:

  • Donating an older computer (or computers!) with KDE Edu and KDE Games metapackages to a local charity
  • Twitter campaign asking Users and Devs to give short stories as to how they "fell in love" with KDE and / or Free Software
    • Compile the best responses and post about them
  • Have a campaign to ask Users to randomly thank a dev for an app or work in KDE that they really appreciate or could not live without
  • Ask users to take a few dollars they might have had set aside for the traditional (and temporary) flowers and candy to instead show some love by donating a few of their local currency to KDE
    • And offer them an "I <3 KDE" sticker for doing so (Does this exist? If not, it should!)
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Not sure where to find it and how it can be used, but during FOSDEM2018 people from FSFE came over to the KDE booth and asked to take a photo of us holding paper hearts with the 4 freedoms (use, study, share, improve) and a sign, on which @rempt wrote "I love all my users".
It was similar to this:

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