Notifications helper - don't bug users to install flash for Firefox in 2017!
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Now with the obsolescence of flash firmly on the horizon, and it's usage/usefulness waning fast, it seems to be inappropriate for our notifications helper to pop up 3 mins after login with a reminder that it can be installed to 'enhance' Firefox.

In fact I've seen several comment on forums/social media recently being quite irritated with the popup.

IMO, users who did not install it, and then want it, are able to search for it fine in Muon or Discover.

Removing this involves taking out just one line of code as far as I can see

Packages here:

Testing on a new VM seems to work ok.

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If it is only one line of code, I vote for removing it. I have been getting that nag for years, and I have never installed flash on Kubuntu. Back when a lot of sites needed flash, I trusted that Chrome could handle it, and if there was some important content hidden behind flash, and I trusted the provider, then I copied the link and opened it in Chrome.

That said, I would hope that we migrate to Falkon as soon as a stable release is available and spell-checking works.

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+1 from me, although I always install flash and then block by default. :-)

Committed to git and uploaded:

This can be reverted if needed, but now we can at least hopefully get some user feedback from Alpha1 or beta

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