Bionic Beaver library/dep transitions needed for new and updated Kubuntu packages
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In Bionic, in order to get new or newer versions of our packages in, several transitions need to occur.

  • exiv2 - BUG: 1715931 - 0.26 and above is required to build Digikam 5.7 or later.
  • libndi - v 1.5 required if we are to use that in kstars, ever.
  • libzip - v 1.2 required for ark for 'better zip handling'.

+ please add others as they occur to us, or crop up.

rikmills created this task.Oct 28 2017, 6:34 AM

libindi 1.4.1 is now uploaded to debian experimental, but needs some fixing there on symbols etc it seems

latest master of kmail now needs libini => 1.5

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This is in Bionic now and should fix symbols issues:

Could you please bump the exiv2 bug?

And as for libzip, it seems to just need an upload to Sid, as I'm not comfortable with syncing from Experimental and starting that transition.

We need libindi 1.5

The other stuff seems to not be happening, so we will be stuck with old digikam

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Giving up as a bad job.