Update default user logo for 17.10 and sddm/lockscreen background
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In Zesty the default user logo shown on kickoff and sddm was changed to konqi. This was better than the seriously disturbing default face in stock KDE.

However, maybe we could change this again to a Kubuntu gear logo.



Blue gear

SDDM and lockscreen background as default wallpaper

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I like the blue gear and the Plasma 5.10 wallpaper on login screen

I like the blue gear much more than Konqi, and I liked Konqi much more than the face with the colored nose.

I like all but the wallpaper -- unless we have it set to change when there is new wallpaper, in which case if the majority wants it, I'm fine with it.

For wallpaper, for better or worse, I would prefer it to match what KDE shipped with that version of Plasma, and offer the winner of the contest as an alternative.

I am not keen on the wallpaper to be honest. As bright as it is, the default blue looks good to me for now. Also, unless we mess around trying symlinks, we'd have to manually switch it in the settings package on each plasma update.

I intend to make the change for the blue logo tomorrow, unless shouted down.

The sddm/lockscreen background changes seems a bit visually odd to me with the wallpaper light blue section. So I am not changing that (yet). I have grown to understand the KDE VSD choice on that, despite some hate of the blue.

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