make a version using new Qt software renderer
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Create a windows version that uses the new software renderer.
create a patch that:
-removes all layer.effect
-forces software rendering

next step: see if it's possible to add it as a build option instead of a patch...

added a patch in master for custom noOpenGL build, and uploaded test

waiting for user feedback on

jjazeix added a subscriber: jjazeix.Sep 9 2017, 5:36 PM

impacted activities:

  • crane
  • menu
  • categorization
  • lang
  • hanoi
  • tangram
  • land_safe
  • click_on_letter (bad selection color animation)
  • left/right (animation when selecting good button)
  • hexagon
  • magic_hat
  • color_mix
  • color_mix_light

Fixed all activities in the list.

Remains the new issue in config panel with the font cursor that triggers overlapping on the title.

Fixed the sliders overlapping issue.

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First important part is done.

The next step to make the switch automatic is a long term goal.

Now that it is an command line option and potentially a switch at start if no openGL found ( but I couldn't test), can we consider it done?

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