Kube fail to sync IMAP account from office365.com
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Kube installed from flatpak fail to sync my IMAP account at office365.
It chokes mid work with "A000015 Bad Command error. 10 .\n Sent Command: ".

Steps to reproduce :

Install Kube from flatpak:

  1. flatpak --user install --from https://kube.kde.org/files/org.kde.kube.flatpakref
  2. sudo flatpak remote-add kderuntime --from http://distribute.kde.org/kderuntime.flatpakrepo
  3. sudo flatpak install kderuntime org.kde.Sdk
  4. flatpak run --devel org.kde.kube

Prepare mailbox:

  1. Setup an IMAP account on office365
  2. put 10 gb of emails in the Inbox folder, make sure to have threads (sent/ reply to the same email etc).

Setup an IMAP account on kube (imaps://outlook.office365.com:993/)
click on mail icon.

It may be related to :


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Unlikely to be flatpak specific.

Good catch, the bugreport is indeed likely to be the issue. I assume it works with some folders that contain only a few messages?

Yes please.

This will require:

  • Detect outlook
  • Search for uids in batches (e.g. 2000 at a time)
  • Fetch messages in the same batches.

In general this is low priority because it's a pure outlook limitation (it's not implementing the IMAP protocol properly). The multi-search job codepath can also not become the default codepath because it will introduce a lot more roundtrips which are unnecessary for all other IMAP servers. It may however provide an opportunity to fetch messages in reverse order batches so we get newest instead of oldest first.

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