Figure out how to use plugins installed by other apps
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For example, the "Compress" context menu in dolphin is a plugin installed by ark, which means it doesn't work in flatpak.

A possible solution is splitting those plugins in their own repositories and add them to the relevant recipes (e.g. like we already have dolphin-plugins in the org.kde.dolphin.json recipe).

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What does the ark plugin do? Does it need ark code? If not maybe it could be moved into dolphin-plugins.

If it's meant to launch Ark, yeah, we should see how to go about it.

It starts ark via KRun but it also needs libkerfuffle (private library shipped by ark). In theory it would be possible to move the plugin and the library out of the main ark repo.

What about simpler plugins like konsolehere.desktop? ("Actions -> Open Terminal Here" in dolphin context menu).
Even if I install the konsole flatpak, it doesn't show up in the dolphin flatpak. Do we need to "whitelist" those .desktop files in the dolphin recipe?

apol added a comment.Aug 11 2017, 12:34 AM

Who installs konsolehere.desktop?

The thing is that the container cannot see konsole, so to start it we'll need to use a portal. Or dbus.

konsolehere.desktop is installed by konsole.
Btw the kdeconnect fileitemaction plugin is also affected, I think.

apol added a comment.Aug 11 2017, 4:42 PM

Right, so this means konsole has to make this desktop file visible to the dolphin part, which at the moment it isn't. We should figure it out.