FreeBSD CI image lacks EGL support
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libEGL warning: No EGL platform enabled.

Looks like mesa is compiled without DRM/GBM support. On Linux we use a virtual drm device, we would probably need something similar on FreeBSD.

One of the failing tests due to this is: kwin-testStruts

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I'll leave this for the FreeBSD folks to comment, as i'm completely unfamiliar with how FreeBSD handles GL. All three of our machines are running under KVM I believe, so it's likely just a case of installing the right driver...

Martin, can you please re-check this one?

I can't find the message "libEGL warning: No EGL platform enabled." anywhere in the latest KWin build log, so it looks like everything is working properly for this part at least?

so it looks like everything is working properly for this part at least?

No. It's just the test fails differently before. It failed before getting to the point of requiring EGL.

From what I can tell the only thing breaking kwin-testStruts now is Test::setupWaylandConnection() not working, which I assume is a QtWayland issue (so this can be merged there)?

As I said: the test fails at a point before we get to the point of creating EGL. Also FreeBSD images are affected by the random failures. The failing Test::setupWaylandConnection is completely unrelated to QtWayland and looks like just yet another random failure.

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Shifting this to the FreeBSD Board as this isn't something Sysadmin can actively do anything about - it's waiting on changes upstream in FreeBSD.

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Did the upstream changes we were waiting on here end up landing @adridg / @tcberner?

libEGL is provided by the mesa-libs package in the CI