Please install DMZ-White cursor theme in FreeBSD CI image
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No surprise, just like on openSUSE we need DMZ-White also in the FreeBSD image to make some more KWin tests not fail.

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It seems FreeBSD has the same issue with DMZ that SUSE has - namely it's out of date.
Only DMZ and DMZ-AA are available (in separate packages none the less).

Adding FreeBSD folks.

What is the dmz cursor theme?

It's a set of cursors for X systems. It seems Debian ships the most latest version of this (and that is several years old) which has some coloured versions - one of which - DMZ-White - is depended on by KWin tests. <-- this is also 0.4.4, which is what we have in ports. Which version do you need, and where can I get it ^^

FreeBSD has them in x11-themes/cursor-dmz-theme and x11-themes/cursor-dmz-aa-theme

Okay, if it's the right version it's probably a case of just fixing up the packaging. Searching for DMZ yields:

root@FreeBSD11-VM2:~ # pkg search dmz
cursor-dmz-aa-theme-0.4.4      DMZ AA style neutral scalable cursor theme
cursor-dmz-theme-0.4.4         DMZ style neutral scalable cursor theme

Do these two packages use the same source tarball?

Yeah, those two packages only have 'DMZ' and 'DMZ-AA' in them (which is what SUSE had prior to updating their package). If the version is current we probably just need to fix the packaging to produce cursor-dmz-white-theme, etc variants as well...

Yes, it's the same source tarball.

I think cursor-dmz-theme-0.4.4 is the white one:

% grep Name= /usr/local/lib/X11/icons/Vanilla-DMZ/index.theme
Name=DMZ (White)

Okay. I've now installed it on all three builders. That name is different from the naming i've seen used on Linux so the KWin tests may not be able to find it...

Martin can you confirm which tests are affected by DMZ being absent?

Affected is KWin::PointerInputTest::testCursorImage() which failed on the last run.

Would FreeBSD calling the theme 'Vanilla-DMZ' instead of 'DMZ-White' cause a failure still?

Would FreeBSD calling the theme 'Vanilla-DMZ' instead of 'DMZ-White' cause a failure still?

of course: qputenv("XCURSOR_THEME", QByteArrayLiteral("DMZ-White"));

Ugh. What would be the best way of comparing the two themes to determine if they're identical or if they're actually different themes?

I assume that the providers of the theme to specify the name, so i'm not sure why the FreeBSD packagers would have decided to use a different name...

The only option I see is trying to find it with Cmake and then use a cmakedefine for the name. So that the tests can work with both DMZ-white and vanilla.

As this is a platform difference which tests need to handle, is there anything for us to action here or can this be closed?

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This is an issue related to how FreeBSD and others (Arch for instance) package the cursors which KWin tests need to handle appropriately.

As such, this isn't something Sysadmin can do anything about.

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The commit didn't help, but it should have helped. Could it be that FreeBSD installs the cursors into a location the wayland-cursor library doesn't know about. A comment above mentions "/usr/local/lib/X11/icons/Vanilla-DMZ", but that's not in the path wayland cursor library looks into:

 * From libXcursor/src/library.c

#ifndef ICONDIR
#define ICONDIR "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/icons"

#define XCURSORPATH "~/.icons:/usr/share/icons:/usr/share/pixmaps:~/.cursors:/usr/share/cursors/xorg-x11:"ICONDIR

So in case FreeBSD patched libXCursor, it's also needed to patch wayland-cursor in the same way.

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Have you had a chance to look into this Tobias/Adriaan?

FreeBSD's ports configures libXcursor with --with-icondir=${PREFIX}/share/icons and installs cursors to there since August 17, 2017.

mfg Tobias