i386 / 32-bit
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  • Obtain testers
  • If no testers found communicate end of support for i386 / 32-bit
mparillo created this task.Jun 29 2017, 8:55 PM

Valorie Zimmerman <valorie.zimmerman@gmail.com>
4:33 PM (21 minutes ago)

to Kubuntu, kubuntu-council, Kubuntu
Hello folks, Art Alpha 1 is released today: release notes:

Please report test results here:

If we don't get complete test coverage on the i386 test cases, I think
we should drop it now. the KCI doesn't build the images, we get no
questions about 32-bit any more, and it is in general a pain to

Is there any reason to keep it?


had you found any testers before Artful was released?

IIRC Valorie got testers on real HW for one of the Alphas or Betas. I know I tested three scenarios in VMs (Live, Full Disk, Full Disk with Encrypted LVM) for pretty much every alpha and beta and at least one, probably two, maybe all the final release candidates.

so, you've decided to continue with 32-bit versions. therefore you should check the first box in the description and close the task. or do you want to return to this question for Bionic?

My preference: Revisit for the Bionic Cycle.

i think if you don't have enough manpower or willingness to maintain and test 32-bit then you should drop it no matter what other distributions do.

I'm +1 to @humanbeing 's suggestion. If we can't test it well enough then it needs to be dropped and not released. The community can pick it up if the need is there.

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