Initial integration of the GeoDataBuilding into the parser and renderer
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Integrate the GeoDataBuilding into the parser code (OsmWay.cpp and OsmRelation.cpp, OsmWay::create() ) so that any piece of a building becomes a GeoDataBuilding.

With the changes in the parser in place, adjust the Render code (e.g. GeometryLayer.cpp, BuildingGeoPolygonGraphicsItem.cpp) so that buildings are still rendered as before..

NOTE: Frequently perform a regression test:
  • Cathredals etc still have their icons
  • Selecting a cathedral tells that you selected a cathredal, not a building (like it does currently)
  • Tile creation still works, also for buildings (tile creation uses the same osm parser as the Marble Maps client).
  • Building rendering works as before
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@rahn I didn't really get by what you meant by "any piece of a building" there. Did you mean ? Thanks :)

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