Kubuntu Artful slideshow
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I've start work on the slideshow but I'd like some more options on the design of it.

This is a current version of the slideshow:

My current branch containing this work:

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  • About as twice as many slides as we actually want. Most users, especially those with a fast machine/SSD etc will never see them all.
  • Needs to be proper html
  • Text formatting is all over the place, and images are cropped or not entirely shown. Especially when you do the slideshow for real, instead of using the preview script
  • The full application screenshots are very difficult to see what they are in some cases (have to squint at the screen to see). With some doesn't really add anything, but seems there more just for the sake of it.
  • The button to advance the slidehow needs sorting. Really not very obvious what it is.

There's some great stuff in the slideshows of the other flavours. I think we need to learn from them.

Following Xubuntu's example:

  • Welcome screen
  • Applications
  • Desktop
  • Get Help
  • Get Involved


I think that like @rikmills says that most new hardware installs fast enough that most users might not even see the other 6-7 slides we currently have now.

If you want to push that to a branch somewhere, can try building and testing tomorrow maybe. Get feedback etc.

It's in my branch up above @rikmills

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