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From santa's email on this

We have been working the last few days on some upgrades for backports. They are available for testing in the backports-landing PPA:

The updates provided are the following:
For ZESTY (17.04, latest stable version):

  • Frameworks 5.33
  • Plasma 5.9.5
  • digikam 5.5
  • konversation 1.7
  • krita 1.3.1
  • krusader 2.6.0
  • labplot 2.4.0
  • yakuake 3.0.4

For XENIAL (16.04, current LTS version)

  • Frameworks 5.33
  • Plasma 5.8.6

    We would like to move them to our official backports PPA in the next few days:


rikmills created this task.May 8 2017, 2:44 PM
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rikmills updated the task description. (Show Details)

Today I took a fresh up to date Zesty VM, installed all those at the versions found in stock zesty, then added the ppas (backports and backports-landing), and dist-upgraded

Upgrade went fine and everything seems to work ok on a quick test. :)

I would also perhaps like to add some of those extra apps to Xenial backports as well, but maybe with this being the LTS we should concentrate on testing the plasma and frameworks update first, make sure that is good and shipped, then move onto things like Digikam, krita etc

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backports-landing seems ok here with Xenial/Mint, frameworks and plasma update.

2 real hw 17.04 systems updated to backports landing here without issue. One of these days I will unpack my 16.04 box... maybe tomorrow.

I installed a fresh copy of Kubuntu 17.04 to a VM, added backports-landing, full-upgraded, and re-booted. No immediate obvious breakage with Plasma 5.9.5. and Frameworks 5.33.

This has been pushed to the Backports PPA, marking as Done.

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