Plasma 5.10 promo video
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Plasma 5.10 will be released on 30-05-2017 so it is time to think about our promo video. Given the experience from the previous videos here is how my workflow looks like.

  • Around Plasma Repo Freeze we start collecting notes for the Plasma release announcement. Here are notes for the Plasma 5.10 release announcement
  • Based on this we prepare a public announcement for the Plasma beta release.
  • Once beta is released I prepare a script/text for the promo video which is heavily based on the official announcement.
  • When the script is ready I send it to the person responsible for the voice over.
  • Then I am doing screen recording and video editing (it takes about two weeks between beta and final release)

Long story short if you have any ideas/suggestions on how we can improve Plasma promo videos, please post them here. BTW. I am using Blender for the video editing.

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Here is a script/voice over text for Plasma 5.10 video. It is heavily based on Plasma 5.10 beta announcement.

Please check it for grammar, typos etc.

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