The plan for the available views
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This ticket is for planning out the views we're going to create.

As a short summary:
Instead of doing mail/calendar/addressbook/... we're aiming for some more useful views that don't care less about the entity type and more about what the user wants to get out of the interaction with kube.
In order to ease the transition and to allow us to gradually transition to this different approach (which will require a bunch of experiments and user testing), the plan is to incrementally migrate from views that are initially rather traditional to views that are highly specialized for an activity.

This is an initial propose that should guide development, but of course far from set in stone.
The further down the line the likelier views will change.



  • Meet/Conversations view
    • Our current mailviewer
    • Eventually the chat application. Folders are replaced by chatrooms and perhaps tags or so.
  • Compose
    • A composer view that includes drafts
    • Eventually "I want to write something but I don't know what it is for yet. Might be a mail, blogpost, note, tweet, ....."
  • People
    • The addressbook
    • Eventually "I want to interact with a person. Perhaps it's the start of a conversation or perhaps I just want to see his email address"


  • Organize
    • A view to organize your data. Move mails around, create folders, batch editing, .... Gives same treeview for all contents mail, events, todos, contacts, ....
  • Read
    • A view geared towards reading. Unified inbox that shows you a single list of what you need to see, shortcuts to quickly triage the content.
  • Find
    • The google searchbar of kube
  • Configure
    • Setup accounts and stuff.


  • Do
    • A view telling you what you need to do. Todo lists, events today, pending invitations, ....
  • Plan
    • A view for planning projects. Create todo lists, events
    • Perhaps includes the calendar view for what the traditional organizer does?
  • Schedule
    • A time based planning tool. Schedule meetings
  • Observe
    • A status board for projects

A likely addition to Soon:

  • History/Timeline:
    • Shows sent mails, edited drafts, notifications, errors, .... A single time sorted list of things that happened. Can eventually become a place to undo stuff as well.

An "Inbox" view was suggested. This would likely become the start of the "Read" view. The idea is that you get a single list of things that you need to go through. The view would help triaging by grouping by certain heuristics that could be linked to actual importance:

  • Are you addressee of the mail (or just in cc)
  • Do you know the sender (is the sender in your addressbook)
  • Is the mail from a mailinglist?
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