Check upload permissions for Qt packages
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Due to Canonical dropping the Unity project, this has had a knock on effect of not having any developers working on Qt any more.

Kubuntu should have permissions to upload Qt packages to the archive, but these permission need to be double checked, so that if we do need to start maintaining these packages, we are actually in the position to do so.

  • qtbase-opensource-src
  • qtdeclarative-opensource-src
  • qtsensors-opensource-src
  • qtmultimedia-opensource-src
  • qtwebkit-opensource-src
  • qtwebsockets-opensource-src
  • qtwebengine-opensource-src
  • qtserialport-opensource-src
  • qttools-opensource-src
  • qtlocation-opensource-src
  • qtcharts-opensource-src - Synced from Debian, Uploaded to Artful, not in Kubuntu packageset
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This should be added to and re-checked.

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I think that anything within the qt5 packageset should also be in the kubuntu packageset. I can +1 this request with my MOTU + Qt 5 Uploaders hats on if needed, but that should be easy enough for a Kubuntu Developer to request.

I don't feel comfortable requesting this myself because I'm not officially a Kubuntu Developer. Rik, could you send an email to devel-permissions carbon-copying me?

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