Tweak radio buttons and checkboxes
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  1. When highlighted, checkboxes look as if they are unchecked, even when they are. Find a way to alleviate this issue.
  2. Revise the animation
  3. Weather the size needs adjustment
  4. Possibly if there's a way to increase the distinctiveness of the radio button and checkbox
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Design variants

More variants based of feedback from Andrew;

I encountered a different problem as well: When checkboxes are in a list view and some of the list entries are selected, it gets more and more difficult to quickly distinguish between checked and un-checked checkboxes, because the checkmark has the same (blue) color as the cell highlighting / background color.
To illustrate, I took a screenshot of TortoiseHg (Qt application):

I'm not sure if I should also post this to the "Breeze polish for 5.5" thread where the checkboxes were discussed, but since someone there asked to not over-use the thread for discussions, I'll start by posting this here :)

Anything left to do here?

I just checked, and it seems that the problem reported by me is resolved.

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