Update the KDE Plasma documentation
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As I said on the mailing list, additions need to be made and updates carried out to the Plasma Handbook.
EDIT: Whoops, made this invalid on accident


On the mailing list, I have a .md file with a draft of the revision of the Plasma Handbook.

Sorry. As you know I am somewhat new here. I don't have an account for KDE cgit, where the repositories are.
Here's a draft docbook of my partial rewrite of the Plasma Handbook:

Constructive feedback welcome.

(and thanks for working on this)

Got git diff figured out, doing that right now.

I'm getting a "1048: Column 'filename' can't be null" error when uploading a diff.

Did you use arcanist (arc diff) as suggested on the instructions?

Thanks, I'll try again with arc diff.

Sorry, I'm new here.
How am I supposed to set arc diff to use git?

Usage Exception: `arc diff` is only supported under git, hg, svn.

Also whenever I try to git commit -a in any folder:

fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

Again, sorry, I haven't done public development much before.

I think you mentioned git diff previously. Just use the same local git clone that you were using when testing git diff.

Nevermind! I think I got it figured out.

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