Paint outside canvas fixes
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  • preview is wrong
  • psd files are huge
  • manual crop action
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Note: Photoshop does not automatically trim layers to the canvas size on saving. If you create an image, add a layer, draw on it, drag it outside the image size, save, close, reopen, the layer data is still there. It hasn't been cropped.

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In PS I can have a layer with the canvas's size. In the layer is not expanded if i did some strokes behind the layer's canvas.

This feature will be very good for texture artists who have a limited canvas like 1024x1024 or 2048x2048 pixels.
As psd file become much bigger when i draw...


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How do you set a layer in photoshop to the image size? And what happens when you move such a layer?

mifth added a comment.Aug 11 2015, 8:51 AM

When I create a lyer it's atomatically becomes the canvas size.
I almost don't move layers. 95% of time i just paint on a texture.
Only small selected parts are moved but they are not behind the canvas.

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You cannot draw outside the canvas in PS. But if you move/resize the layer, so that part of it is out of the canvas borders, the information is preserved. The same is true if you paste an image that extends beyond the canvas boundaries. You can trim these pixels by cropping the image.

I think the confusing thing in Krita is that we are able to paint outside the canvas borders. That can be practical for doodling / speedpainting, but it can be a serious issue if you are working on large files (where a couple of strokes could load several unecessary MB to the file), or texturing as mentioned in previous comment.

From a user's perspective, it would make sense to me if there was a tick box somewhere in the settings where I could activate this feature (extend strokes beyond canvas) or disactivate it (not allowing strokes to extend beyond canvas)

Another idea would be to define something like a "bleed" area in pixels, in the document settings.
For example:
We make a 1000 x 1000 px document.
We define a bleeding space of 200px. That would create something like a "buffer" zone around the canvas, so that the strokes are not cut at the image size but they can be extended by 100px more in each direction.
This will give us more control over the whole thing. The strokes won't be able to extend to infinity, but we also maintain the "stroke beyond boundaries" feature. If we want the strokes to end at the image size, we simply do not add any bleeding space (0 pixels)

Hi, @stamoglouodysseas!

I would like to also hear other's opinion about the "bleeding space". I'm not sure it fits the workflow of any kind of painters...

What I can imagine is two small features:

  1. A shortcut for "Crop Layers by Image Size". Then the texture artists will have to press this shortcut before saving every time.
  2. Add an option to the PSD export filter "Crop Layers by Image Size". This option can be saved in the settings so the texture painter will have to check it only once.

What do you think about these two options? Will they be helpful? Or you would need something else?

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I'm also fine with not writing pixels when painting outside the canvas area -- that way, strokes can still start outside the canvas, but it won't grow the image.

Hi @dkazakov,

These options could help, although in practice it is almost the same effort as trimming the layer to image size or manually cropping the image. You require the user to take an extra action to trim the layers to image size.
I personally do not have any use for the strokes beyond image boundaries, and would like to have a default setting that prevents it from happening.
I understand that others might have use for it though, so this is where the bleeding space idea came from.

Bleeding space would fit into artist's workflow, as it is how people use the same concept in printing. We just need to allow a 'export with bleeding space' type of option somewhere and it would fit right into a print workflow.

stamoglouodysseas added a comment.EditedJan 3 2017, 12:47 PM

At the moment you cannot see what you do beyond the canvas boundaries, so it wouldn't really serve that purpose. It would make sense if we had a bleed area like layout software (coreldraw,illustrator, etc), where you can actually see the whole image. But perhaps this goes a bit too far..

On second thoughts this is an interesting idea, because it saves the trouble of manually marking the bleeds, creating extra layers that mark that space, etc.

But if this bleeding feature was implemented, we should be able to switch the visibility of that area on and off, otherwise it does not make much sense.

mifth added a comment.EditedJan 3 2017, 1:28 PM

I'm agreed with @stamoglouodysseas. We need a checkbox in preferences not to draw behind the canvas. I guess it's easy to add.
With this checkbox everyone will be happy.