grouped queries cannot be viewed by anonymous users
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I would like to enable grouping of review requests on public project dashboards. E.g. look at this query:

This is nice when logged in, but for an anonymous user it will break and instead shows an error message:

Instead, it should gracefully fallback to the non-grouped view in this case

mwolff created this task.Feb 18 2017, 11:43 PM

Question on what your end result is: is your desired end result a bucketed view for the overall Project? Currently, if I were to view that query I get an empty page, which isn't very helpful.

In regards to making Current Viewer a no-op, upstream have indicated they think ignoring parts of a query silently is a bad idea as it's unclear that is happening.

If that is the desired approach, upstream have indicated that we can provide that in an extension - they'd like to see broader interest before they implement it themselves though:

You can write that bucket ("group by absolute state, ignoring viewer relationships") yourself as an extension (subclass DifferentialRevisionResultBucket, follow DifferentialRevisionRequiredActionResultBucket as an example)

Yes, I want to show a bucketed view for the overall project.