Add ability to render on computers on network
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This ability has been requested many times:
But so far this has never actually gotten put in the request tracker, so here it is :)

afarid added a subscriber: afarid.Feb 18 2017, 6:47 PM

Not trying to be an ass here, but why would you need something like this atm? From your reaction in the forums it seems like such a grave feature not to have... what kind of footage are you editing/delivering with? Raw video? Not saying this is not important but trying to understand the rationale behind your proposal, can you elaborate?

It's not really that it is a grave feature not to have, but would be a great feature to have. :) My poor laptop (Intel HD 4000) can't handle editing and preview rendering at the same time without locking up, so it would be really nice if Kdenlive could send the rendering to my desktop (GTX 295!) and let it do the grunt work without risking locking up my laptop and making me lose any unsaved changes.

Are you using proxies?