Images for levels in Categorization
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Alphabets and numbers category: There are almost all the alphabets A-Z. We can probably have same design for all of them and use the same for the Draw numbers and Draw alphabets activity also.
Shapes category: There are category shapes displayed in top right -> circle,rectangle etc all of them needs to be enhanced. Also the self-designed and other shapes in all levels like octagon, nonagon etc all can be designed similarly to make them look uniform.
The menu and that "I am ready" checkbox can look better in expert mode to avoid any confusion between it and the images behind.

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dmadaan created this task.Jan 23 2017, 9:22 PM
jjazeix added a subscriber: jjazeix.Feb 5 2017, 9:39 PM

More globally, all the images have to be checked :).
For now, we stored all the images in github: We also have to check if we can do a git repository in kde to handle all external resources for GCompris (main issue being the size of the repository) instead of having them in github

I started to check quickly all the images.. I think it could be good to limit a bit more the number of items/pictures per category/folder.
Also, I couldn't find a log to know exactly which images are new.. only those in the folders?

I'll work on updating the alphabets/numbers/shapes and the rest of the task description on the beginning of next week, but I think it doesn't block the string freeze (we don't have strings for those added images, right? only for the categories names?)

The images are now stored in kde repositories:
The new ones are the ones under the folders.
It does not impact the string freeze, we can do it in parallel

timotheegiet closed this task as Resolved.Aug 11 2017, 2:38 PM

Update done for alphabets, numbers and shapes. Reusing those in other activities should be another different task, and not an urgent one.
Also updated the ReadyButton look.

I think it can be closed as done.