New Keyresolver and Key approval dialog
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To implement: I need a new Key Selection dialog in GpgOL. That dialog should be generic enough that it can also supplant the current Key approval / selection dialog in KMail.

API will be very similar to the current one. I think the Main Data Structures will be Maps of "CryptoPrefence -> Mailaddresses -> Lists of keys". So that a Caller can loop over all the CryptoPreferences returned by the Resolver and do according crypto. There will be "Overrides" so that a caller can provide a specific key / CryptoPreference for a specific address to do address book integration.

Goals are:

  • Handle everything the current one does except Address book integration.
  • Support GnuPG Groups
  • Use the Keycache
  • Support multiple keys better
  • Visualize Validity according to the "Level ideas"
  • Support own Key Creation and Key Import if no key exists (important for Outlook where we currently don't have keygen gui)
  • Handle the TOFU conflict checks with own certificates
  • Handle backup nagging (You encrypted ten messages already but we have not tracked a backup through the gui. Did you Backup your Key? REALLY?)
  • Handle expiration warnings (like the current also does)
  • Be more readable then the current implementation :-)

There should be an option for the Keyresolver to only show Approval when necessary (also similar to the current one). As for the GUI I have a clear idea how it should look like.
I'd like to do this myself.

aheinecke created this task.Jan 9 2017, 5:13 PM
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We have an initial version now in libkleo. It will be used in the next gpg4win version in GpgOL for a start.