Shortcuts choice for Vector Tools
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Please help me with Sorting out shortcuts for the actions present in our vector editing tool. Preferably, then should coincide with the shortcuts we use in other places in Krita and in Inkscape.

#ActionCurrent ShortcutNeeds changeNew shortcut
1Select "Hot Position" (anchor)Middle ButtonYES
2Select next in stackShift
3Select multipleCtrl
4Snap to axisShift
5Keep aspect ratioShift
6Scale from centerCtrl
7Rotate around centerLeft Button
8Rotate around "Hot Position"Right ButtonYES
9Rotate in steps 45 degCtrl or AltYES
no shortcuts

We should at least change shortcuts, which use non-left mouse button, because they are not easily accessible with the stylus. And for shortcut 9, I guess, we should change the step to 15 degrees. That will allow the user any subdivisions of the space. We can also add a shortcut for switching steps into "relative" and "global" mode. In relative mode the rotation will be calculated relative to the initial position of the shape, and in global: to the absolute rotation of the shape. The second more is extremely useful for reverting the shape back to 0 position.

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What is a "hot position"?

Rotation around a hot position would be a two step process, where first you select the location of anchor. Alt + left click can be used to determine the position of anchor and then left click to rotate.

Shift should be used to Rotate in multiples of 45 deg since it is generally used for tasks that require snapping to existing/predefined values.