Google Code In (Review of the website Wiki To Learn)
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The task assigned to me in GOOGLE CODE IN was to find any error (bug) in WikiToLearn website.
Firstly I would like to list the OS used:

  1. Sony Vaio( WINDOWS 10)
  2. HP Desktop(WINDOWS 7)
  3. Xiomi mi4i(ANDROID LOLLIPOP 5.0)
  4. Samsung Grand(ANDROID JELLYBEAN 4.1.2)
  5. Dell Inspiron (UBUNTU 16.04.1)

The browsers used:

  1. Internet Explore 11
  2. Netscape Browser
  3. Google Chrome
  4. Firefox 4.0
  5. Microsoft Edge
  6. Dolphin
  7. CM browser
  8. Samsung Browser
  9. Ubuntu Browser
  10. Firefox(Ubuntu)
  11. Opera

The issues experienced are listed below:
1.The website interface crashed on Netscape Browser 9 (Windows 10):

  1. Same happened on Internet Explorer11(WINDOWS 10):

3.The template floating section overlaps the text (not a error but can be made better by making it opaque or decreasing its transparency)

  1. The template once got stuck in the middle on Microsoft Edge browser:

  1. While logging in the chat section the before text overlapped the username and password(Google Chrome WINDOWS 10):

  1. The menu bar appeared in the centre on Microsoft Edge as compared to other browsers:

  1. The colour of the icons on the main page became black and white on changing the language or on some browsers by default:

  1. On one browser(Microsoft Edge) the notifications were displayed while at the same time it was not displayed on the other browser(Opera ):

9.Meta website of wikitolearn can be confusing:

  1. Instead of showing the emoji in the textbox there is a text(of what the emoji is):

  1. After deleting the message the replied emoji should also be removed but it was still there in the chats:

  1. I was not able to enable the desktop notifications on Microsoft Edge :

  1. I was logged in the website but after going to the different sections, the website asked to login again or was not showing username on the menu bar on Microsoft edge:

  1. There should be proper documentation and some supporting videos for creating and managing the book as users may struggle to manage their book . At first I had to struggle a lot for writing the content :

  1. The language automatically changed into Italian while going through the website and then changed back to English on Microsoft Edge:

16.On Ubuntu 16.04.1 the website interface appeared different on Firefox and Ubuntu Browser:

  1. While zooming in Dolphin browser on Xiomi mi4i (Android lollipop) the menu bar also zoomed in while the menu bar was normal in other browsers of the phone:

  1. The website was not working properly on Samsung browser on Galaxy grand (Android Jellybean) :

Some of the issues are very small but they are very important for the Quality of the website therefore I included them.

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Woow! Thanks for all the feedback!

I have submitted my task, please accept my submission.

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Hey @ishwaram,

@grigoletti fixed most of the Internet Explorer issues.

We will work on the other browsers next.