Check Translations of Marble Maps
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Install Marble Maps on your Android device. The KDE localization team has translated the user interface, but the result has not been checked yet. This task is about doing that. The goal is to come up with a list of words/phrases where the translation needs to be improved: Words/phrases where the grammar is wrong, a wrong word is used or that just somehow seem out of place. Note that the task is not about marking words/phrases that have not been translated yet. We are aware of those, please just ignore them.

Open Marble Maps on the device. Please check the translations

  • of the search field and its dialogs
  • the "About Marble" dialog
  • the dialog with information about places

The last one is the most work intensive one: Its content depends on the place you select. Please go to a large city where you will find lots of different place types and check them each by tapping on them.

Each time you encounter a word/phrase that you think is wrong, please take a screenshot. An easy way to do that is to press power + volume down at the same time for about two seconds, see these instructions. When you are done, put all screenshots into a common document, e.g. a shared Google document. For each screenshot, describe what is wrong. You can also include a suggestion for improvement. This document will be given to the KDE translation team in order to improve the translations.

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