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Inside, browse to WG_importing/da_convertire/Algebra_1-Appunti/


  • check environments
  • remove references to date

ACHTUNG! settings the environments is not an easy task, since the notes have been taken live during the lecture and they had to written fast. Sometime it is not clear where an environment should end, the process cannot be automated and requires the persone who is checking it to actually read through the document, understand the context and decide where the environment ends.
Moreover it may happen that a proposition has multiple statements, and every statement is demonstrated just after being expressed. in this case all the demonstration bits have to be cut and put altogether in proof environment, in a way that is clear which demonstration bit refers to a particular statement of the proposition.
Remove all the "cvd", sicne the proof environment already provides a "QED symbol" (a nice square at the end of the demonstration).
Be also careful and give proper caption to important theorems and definitions.
Be careful that exemple and exercise have two different environments, the first is "es" and the second is "ese" ("ese", being longer than "es", is used for "esercizio", which is a longer word that "esempio").

If you are willing to contribute, please text me on telegram, i'll give you the credentials to login into our owncloud and we can coordinate the work.

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