catch apt upgrade to point to dist-upgrade
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apt upgrade and apt-get upgrade should be caught and pointed to dist-upgrade, either with a message to users or directly running it

test with Steam and others to make sure it doesn't break stuff

jriddell created this task.Sep 5 2016, 10:27 AM
sitter added a subscriber: sitter.Nov 30 2016, 11:27 AM

Implementation-wise I suppose the solution with broadest coverage would be to create /usr/sbin/neon-apt and symlink /usr/sbin/apt and /usr/sbin/apt-get to the helper. sbin is listed before bin so this should override the ordinary apt/apt-get. The helper would simply check ARGV for the presence of 'upgrade' and if so print a warning before exec'ing the actual binary from /usr/bin/. This could only be bypassed by calling the full path directly.

In the interest of not breaking scripts such as used in Steam I suppose it'd be best if we either automatically run dist-upgrade after printing.
Alternatively, we could ask Y/N and default to Y if -y is in ARGV or after a 16s timeout. Scripts should generally run with -y, to make sure they won't break if they do not the timeout would be there.