OSD icons for display keyboard switch
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Currently, there is no visual feedback when the user presses the display key. The display key is a key often found on laptop keyboard. It allows to switch between different screen setups when more than one screen is connected, for example switching off the laptop screen, or external monitor.

When pressed, it currently cycles between the following

  • Clone
  • ExtendToLeft
  • TurnOffEmbedded
  • TurnOffExternal
  • ExtendToRight

The above setup changes would be shown as OSD to display the setup changes. This OSD should end up on all screens.

When the key is pressed while only one screen is connected, it does nothing, and it doesn't give any visual feedback. An icon (or a message) indicating that this key is useless right now would be good. Ideas welcome for this case.

This is how it looks like in Windows, for some inspiration: https://i.stack.imgur.com/qvW2E.png

This task is pretty independent from the parent, and seems technically harmless, so it could be 5.8 material if we get if we get it done quickly.

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I would suggest to make two icons for each state. or if you have more than 2 monitors you can add for each monitor an icon.

do you have icon names?

any feedback about the icons?

sebas added a comment.Sep 13 2016, 1:35 PM

Yes, I've looked into the OSD, and it will need almost a rewrite before we can use it sensibly. First, technical issue: the layout to switch to is only known once we switch, and at that point, the screen flickers, so the OSD is barely visible. Then, we can't choose yet, and the whole thing doesn't work on Wayland.

At that point, we need to reconsider the overall design.

I'll have a closer look how we can better show what the button is going to do. Thanks for the work already!

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I will assume this task is done now... or is there more?

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We've got this in 5.13 now!

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