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The new homepage can host up to 4 videos. Make at least one which introduces the new user to the website

ruphy created this task.Jul 14 2016, 3:46 PM

This could be a great idea for participation. One of these 4 videos can be a video of our core members explaining why they love contributing to the project in their interest area. This video can also be used by local communities founders when they are talking about WikiToLearn and have to do community building!

In my opinion, the first video we should create, should be an introduction video for the main page.

What is our target group? primary: students

What is our goal? Tell the students what WikiToLearn is and motivate to participate!

How should the video be?: Short, easy understandable, motivating, “funny“, no boring facts

So my proposition is to create a video with a problem students are familiar with - exam session - and show them the solution - WikiToLearn (like the first video i did some time ago).

I just have to find a good page where to create better videos. Because it has to be PERFECT!

Further suggestions will follow.

ruphy added a comment.Sep 8 2016, 12:17 PM

I am sure that with your work it will be perfect ;-) can't wait to see the first tries

I'd like to help you filming or producing it, when needed

Hello everyone! We have to work on this task , which is fundamental and mandatory for the new homepage. Since among the texts we have to prepare there are videos description I was wondering the state of art of videos and, moreover: are there any suggestions on which video(s) we'd like to insert in the new homepage? Once we've decided which video(s) to insert, even if they're not ready yet, we can start working on texts

About stories, I don't know which are already been written, but we could
ask some mantainer to tell their own. If needed I could write mine too.
About professors, maybe we could ask prof. Paganini?

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one is done and looks good! we'll do another one, later...