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Description: Free drawing and animation tool.

Prerequisite: Needs to be capable of moving and clicking the mouse easily

Goal: In this game, children can draw freely. The goal is to discover how to create attractive drawings based on basic shapes: rectangles, ellipses and lines. To give children a wider range of choices, a set of images can also be used.

Manual: Select a drawing tool on the left, and a color down the bottom. Then click and drag in the white area to create a new shape. Once you've completed a drawing, you can select a new frame to work on by selecting one of the small rectangles on the bottom. Each frame contains the same content as its previous one. You can then edit it by moving objects a little bit or adding/deleting objects. When you create several frames and then click on the 'film' button, you will see all your images in a continuous slide-show (an infinite loop pattern). You can change the last image in your film by right clicking on a time frame. You can also change the viewing speed in this mode. In viewing mode, click on the 'drawing' button to return to drawing mode. You can also save and reload your animations with the 'floppy disk' and 'folder' buttons.


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bcoudoin created this task.Feb 7 2016, 12:17 AM

A nice addition over the Gtk+ version would be to be able to save and export the animation to the web. In drawing mode we must save the image as png to let the children share it.

A nice feature could be to let the children record his voice and integrate it in the animation.

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