Port of the Gtk+ note names activity
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Description: Learn the names of the notes, in bass and treble clef, with the help of sounds and colors

Prerequisite: None

Goal: To develop a good understanding of note position and naming convention. To prepare for the piano player and composition activity

Manual: The first level and the eleventh level introduce two different staffs with a C major scale. The following levels then quiz the player on note names. To help learn the names, the note pitches are played when the mouse is rolled over the note, and the pitch names can be color coded.



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D14653: note_names
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started in playpiano branch

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Where can I look into the work being done on this?

@rohitdas: started in playpiano branch

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Hi @jjazeix, can I have a workable summary on what is left to be done in note names? It seems to be a port from the Gtk+ version.
N.B.: I discovered, the notes aren't sounding in the Qt version. Is it a bug?

Globally, this activity is fine, only a bit of cleanup is to be done and be sure that it is still working fine once the other musical activities are completed (if common elements are modified).
For the sounds, there might be issues with the wav files but most should be working

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