Change the default file systems
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My proposal here is to change the default lfile system, from ext4 to btrfs, obviously for 22.10 or later.
The advantages over ext4 are:

  • checksumming;
  • compression;
  • snapshot: I find this feature very useful on Desktop, think of an update gone wrong, or a version upgrade from LTS to LTS etc ...

And many features compared to ext4 ...

openSUSE has been using Btrfs for many years, first only on the root, then recently extended it to the whole system, including the home.
We could use Timeshift to facilitate the management of snapshots, Timeshift is pre-installed on Linux Mint.
I have been using Btrfs for many years, and I find it convenient, when I install any version of Ubuntu or Kubuntu, I always put the Btrfs + Timeshift file system.
Ubuntu is moving to ZFS.

I modified the Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Linux Mint installers to use Btrfs, custom subvolumes and swapfiles.

emanuelec triaged this task as Wishlist priority.