Discover UI redesign
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This is a Discover mockup, i tried to makes it similar to the real Store, like AppStore or Google Play i get some ideas from M127 and M111 mockups.

Home page:
Here is a big category bar and apps cards has a screenshots, also in top you can put apps with a big nice image (Like in Deepin Store).

Here seen that Big Apps category has a own smaller categories, also a apps cards now more compact.

Opened App:
(second category would to hide?)


ngraham added a subscriber: ngraham.

Things I like:

  • Pretty much everything about the new Home page. Looks much more attractive than what we have right now. I'm coming to believe it's important to either regularly rotate the content, or else add dynamic items, so the ecosystem doesn't look static and dead.
  • Making the list into a grid with rectangular cards. It looks really good IMO.
  • Expanding the apps category so you can see its child items on the first level of navigation in the sidebar.
  • Putting add-ons in a whole separate category.

Things I'm neutral on:

  • Adding a second sidebar. I don't hate it, but I'm not in love with it either. Maybe if we put these category items on the tools area, it wouldn't look so empty.
  • The gigantic colored rectangle header on the app pages. Maybe it it were a bit smaller, it wouldn't seem wasteful and attention-getting.

Things I don't like:

  • Hiding the search field behind a button. It needs to be visible by default, since it has keyboard focus by default.
  • The tools area now looks huge, barren, and empty. This might be better if there was a visible search field in it though.