Soft-proofing and other out of gamut checks.
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Transforming an image to the device color space for printing works with current krita but proper soft-proofing would make it more user friendly by...

  1. Making it a non-destructive conversion(like a display filter)
  2. Allowing for out of gamut checks which replace the image colors with a user chosen color.


Supports proofing transforms which take a input(image), output(monitor) and a proofing profile(like cmyk). It then takes rendering intent and conversion flags as well.

In Krita

We would want this to...

  1. Replace the regular monitor transform when enabled.
  2. Make it per document at the least(per view ideally)
  3. Have a check when selecting a color whether it's out of gamut for our image space somewhere?


  • Should we have the alarm seperate?
  • How to mimick ps's ink simulation?
  • How to mimick ps's paper color simulation?
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Should we have the alarm seperate?

yes I think this should be separate with a shortcut key( can be empty ans user can set it )
besides the alarm for whole image , in P.S. the color picker also shows a kind of warning sign (small icon) , can we have something like that?

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Okay, discussed this with @rempt and @dkazakov today.


  1. Go into the test of the lcms plugin. Start with writing a test for softproofing.
  2. Then implement in the lcms plugin first.
  3. Then slowly implement in pigment, crawling up the architecture. Leave the caching graph for later when trying to optimise.
  4. The implement into Krita itself via kis_texture_tile_update ← canvas_widget ←canvas←image


  • We want to implement saving the proofing profile per kra file. So that people don't lose their profile, and for which profile they designed the image. This would also allow people to make templates for certain projects with profiling set up.
  • We want to have the proofing per view. This is possible as long as the views don't share textures, but this is something that is currently disabled anyway, and boud doubts that we should keep it as it's overcomplicating the code.

Relationship views and canvas:
An image can have multiple canvasses, each canvas has one view.

PS hotkeys are Ctrl+Y and Ctrl+Shift+Y for warning colors.

Current state of softproofing:
It is slow, unconfigurable and there's a weird offset, but at the least it's per-view. (All rightmost views are softproofed)

Okay, softproofing and gamutchecking works now.

Still unconfigurable and slow though.

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