Remove KTextWidgets dependency from KXMLGui
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KTextWidgets is only used for KTextEdit in KBugReport. Replace it with QTextEdit to get rid of the dep

dfaure added a subscriber: dfaure.Nov 24 2019, 9:17 AM

Easy to do but this breaks compilation of tests/krichtexteditor/CMakeLists.txt

That's a GUI test program for KRichTextEditor (which lives in KTextWidgets), but since the test program uses KXmlGui, it lives in KXmlGui.
Solution 1: we move it to *somewhere* which depends on both.... Any ideas?
Solution 2: we port it away from kxmlgui but that's a bit sad, it is showing how the integration between the two works, which is how apps would most likely use krichtexteditor.

Maybe quietly find KTextWidgets in the tests and only include the tests if found?

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Thanks! Still needs to be removed from the dependency meta data file I think.

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