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The KDE Source RepositoryにあるKritaの日本語化に関連する.poファイル(


の管理をこちらで行います。コミットはDmitry Kazakov氏が行います。コメントでコミットのリクエスト、翻訳の提案、コミット後のログ記録などを行ってください。

This task is where we manage following .po files in the KDE Source Repository which are related with Japanization of Krita. (


The committer is Dmitry Kazakov. Use comment to request commitment, suggest translations and log details of commitment.

Download tarballs from or (This is dmitry's personal site)

How to update PO files

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the commitment in Wed Dec 16 13:26:51 2015 UTC, krita.po (Rev. 1447402) by tokiedian
Add translation in Animation and LoD. Revise many translations about Brush Editor and others.


the commitment in Wed Feb 3 02:38:31 2016 UTC, krita.po (Revision 1451901) by Tokiedian.
Revise translations.

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krita.po by Tokiedian:

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translations for the paypal banner at top.

I updated the template for so it can accept translations now for the paypal banner. If you can update this PO file, I can upload it and the Japanese will start working