Collect and improve bad application descriptions in and Discover
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According to, make to 44% of the views of

The problem is that a lot of application descriptions are not descriptive or too short. These descriptions are critical since they are used by google to find relevant search result and in Discover. The description are fetched from the AppStream files.

So let's collect here the list of applications that need better description and try to improve/rewrite them. I can take care of uploading the new description.

List of problematic short application descriptions (ones listed on

  • KDiff3/Kompare: need to have different descriptions
  • GCompris: a bit more elaborated concerning which games it includes?
  • Kolf: perhaps something like golf simulator game?
  • LSkat: referencing that it's a german-specific card-game.
  • KRuler: could have a more catchy description
  • Kamoso: should reference the camera effects it includes, and the fact it's referring to webcams
  • Calligra Sheets/Stage: include the word "editor"

List of problematic long application descriptions (those shown for each individual application):

I also saw that provides better description of the KDE games than We will also need to copy these descriptions to the AppStream files for the case that they are better.

Here's a table containing all short descriptions for analyzing later:

CervisiaCVS FrontendIssue:Suggestion:
ClazyA Clang compiler plugin which emits warnings related to Qt best practicesIssue:Suggestion:
HeaptrackProfiler FrontendIssue:Suggestion:
KAppTemplateApp Code Template GeneratorIssue:Suggestion:
KCachegrindProfiler FrontendIssue:Suggestion:
KDebugSettingsDebug settingsIssue:Suggestion:
kdesrc-buildTool to allow you to easily build KDE software from its source repositoriesIssue:Suggestion:
kdesvnSubversion Revision ControlIssue:Suggestion:
KDevelopIntegrated Development EnvironmentIssue: for?Suggestion: use website description Cross-platform IDE for C, C++, Python, QML/JavaScript and PHP, maybe remove "Cross-platform"?
KDiff3Diff/Patch FrontendIssue: same as KompareSuggestion: Simple Diff/Patch Frontend
KImageMapEditorHTML Image Map EditorIssue:Suggestion:
Kirigami GalleryWidget Browser for KirigamiIssue:Suggestion:
KompareDiff/Patch FrontendIssue: same as KDiff3Suggestion: Diff/Patch Frontend with Mirroring Capabilities
KUIViewerQt Designer UI File ViewerIssue:Suggestion:
LokalizeComputer-Aided Translation SystemIssue:Suggestion:
Massif-VisualizerProfiler FrontendIssue:Suggestion:
UmbrelloUML ModellerIssue:Suggestion:
KDevelop PHP SupportPHP language support for KDevelopIssue:Suggestion:
KDevelop Python SupportPython language support for KDevelopIssue:Suggestion:
KUIViewer KPartQt Designer UI File Viewer in KParts-using softwareIssue:Suggestion:
ArtikulateArtikulate Pronunciation TrainerIssue: why repeat Artikulate?Suggestion: Pronunciation Trainer
BlinkenMemory Enhancement GameIssue:Suggestion:
CantorFrontend to Mathematical SoftwareIssue:Suggestion:
GComprisEducational GameIssue: what kind/target audience?Suggestion: Educational Game for Children
KAlgebra MobileGraph CalculatorIssue:Suggestion:
KalziumPeriodic Table of ElementsIssue:Suggestion:
KanagramLetter Order GameIssue:Suggestion:
KBibTeXBibTeX EditorIssue:Suggestion:
KBruchExercise FractionsIssue:Suggestion:
KGeographyGeography TrainerIssue:Suggestion:
KHangManHangman GameIssue:Suggestion:
KigInteractive GeometryIssue:Suggestion:
KitenJapanese Reference/Study ToolIssue:Suggestion:
KLettresLearn The AlphabetIssue:Suggestion:
KmPlotMathematical Function PlotterIssue:Suggestion:
KStarsDesktop PlanetariumIssue:Suggestion:
KTouchTouch Typing TutorIssue:Suggestion:
KTurtleEducational Programming EnvironmentIssue:Suggestion:
KWordQuizFlash Card TrainerIssue:Suggestion:
LabPlotLabPlotIssue: only the name?Suggestion: Plotting and Data Analysis Software
MarbleVirtual GlobeIssue: non-descriptiveSuggestion: Maps and Navigation OR Your swiss army knife of maps OR Virtual Globe and World Atlas, as per the website
MinuetMusic Education SoftwareIssue:Suggestion:
ParleyVocabulary TrainerIssue:Suggestion:
RocsRocs Graph TheoryIssue:Suggestion:
StepInteractive Physical SimulatorIssue:Suggestion:
BomberArcade Bombing GameIssue:Suggestion:
BovoFive-in-a-row Board GameIssue:Suggestion:
GranatierBomberman cloneIssue:Suggestion:
KajonggMahjong tile game from ChinaIssue:Suggestion:
KapmanPac-Man CloneIssue:Suggestion:
KAtomicSokoban-like Logic GameIssue:Suggestion:
KBlackboxBlackbox Logic GameIssue:Suggestion:
KBlocksFalling Blocks GameIssue:Suggestion:
KBounceBall Bouncing GameIssue:Suggestion:
KBreakOutBreakout-like GameIssue:Suggestion:
KDiamondThree-in-a-row gameIssue:Suggestion:
KFourInLineFour-in-a-row Board GameIssue:Suggestion:
KGoldrunnerHunt Gold, Dodge Enemies and Solve PuzzlesIssue:Suggestion:
KigoGo Board GameIssue:Suggestion:
KillbotsStrategy Game with RobotsIssue:Suggestion:
KirikiYahtzee-like Dice GameIssue:Suggestion:
KJumpingCubeTerritory Capture GameIssue:Suggestion:
KlicketyBoard GameIssue:Suggestion:
Kolor LinesTactical GameIssue:Suggestion:
KMahjonggMahjongg SolitaireIssue:Suggestion:
KMinesMinesweeper-like GameIssue:Suggestion:
Naval BattleShip Sinking GameIssue:Suggestion:
KNetWalkNetwork Construction GameIssue:Suggestion:
KNightsChess gameIssue:Suggestion:
KolfMiniature GolfIssue:Suggestion:
KollisionA simple ball dodging gameIssue: maybe caps for consistencySuggestion: Simple Ball Dodging Game
KonquestGalactic Strategy GameIssue:Suggestion:
KPatiencePatience Card GameIssue:Suggestion:
KReversiReversi Board GameIssue:Suggestion:
KShisenShisen-Sho Mahjongg-like Tile GameIssue:Suggestion:
KSirkWorld Domination Strategy GameIssue:Suggestion:
KSnakeDuelA race in hyperspaceIssue:Suggestion:
KSpaceDuelSpace Arcade GameIssue:Suggestion:
KSquaresConnect the dots to create squaresIssue:Suggestion:
KSudokuSudoku GameIssue:Suggestion:
Potato GuyPicture Game for ChildrenIssue:Suggestion:
Kubrick3-D Game based on Rubik's CubeIssue:Suggestion:
LSkatCard GameIssue: maybe mention it's a german card gameSuggestion: Classic German Card Game
PalapeliJigsaw puzzle gameIssue:Suggestion:
PicmiLogic GameIssue:Suggestion:
SymbolEditorCross Stitch Symbol EditorIssue:Suggestion:
digiKamPhoto Management ProgramIssue:Suggestion:
GwenviewKDE Image ViewerIssue:Suggestion:
KColorChooserColor ChooserIssue:Suggestion:
KGraphViewerGraphviz DOT graph viewerIssue:Suggestion:
KolourPaintPaint ProgramIssue:Suggestion:
KPhotoAlbumPhoto AlbumIssue:Suggestion:
KritaDigital PaintingIssue:Suggestion:
KRulerScreen RulerIssue:Suggestion:
KXStitchCross Stitch EditorIssue:Suggestion:
OkularDocument ViewerIssue:Suggestion:
ShowfotoPhoto Viewer and EditorIssue:Suggestion:
SkanliteImage Scanning ApplicationIssue:Suggestion:
kdegraphics-mobipocketA plugin to show Mobi e-book files as thumbnails in KDE applicationsIssue:Suggestion:
kdegraphics-thumbnailersGraphics file format thumbnailers for KDE applicationsIssue:Suggestion:
AkregatorFeed ReaderIssue:Suggestion:
ChoqokMicro-blogging ClientIssue:Suggestion:
FalkonWeb BrowserIssue:Suggestion:
KGetDownload ManagerIssue:Suggestion:
KMailMail ClientIssue:Suggestion:
KonquerorWeb Browser, File Manager and ViewerIssue:Suggestion:
KonversationIRC ClientIssue: maybe showcase how user-friendly it is?Suggestion: User-Friendly IRC Client
KopeteInstant MessengerIssue:Suggestion:
KRDCRemote Desktop ClientIssue:Suggestion:
KRFBDesktop SharingIssue: consistency with KRFBSuggestion: Remote Desktop Sharing
KTorrentBitTorrent ClientIssue:Suggestion:
PIM Data ExporterSaves and restores all data from PIM appsIssue:Suggestion:
BanjiVoIP appIssue:Suggestion:
SieveEditorEditor for email filter Sieve scriptsIssue:Suggestion:
KDE ConnectSeamless connection of your devicesIssue:Suggestion:
KIO GDriveGoogle Drive integration with KDE Plasma and KDE applicationsIssue:Suggestion:
Zeroconf SupportBrowse local network services in Dolphin's Network pageIssue:Suggestion:
Dragon PlayerVideo PlayerIssue:Suggestion:
ElisaMusic PlayerIssue: maybe showcase ease of useSuggestion: Simple and Easy-to-use Music Player
JuKMusic PlayerIssue: showcase capabilitiesSuggestion:
K3BDisk BurningIssue: it's about burning songs and videos, not flashingSuggestion: CD/DVD Burning Software
KaffeineMedia PlayerIssue: showcase capabilitiesSuggestion:
KamosoCameraIssue: just the nameSuggestion: Webcam recording with fun effects!
KdenliveVideo EditorIssue:Suggestion:
KMixSound MixerIssue:Suggestion:
KMPlayerMedia PlayerIssue: showcase capabilitiesSuggestion:
KwaveSound EditorIssue:Suggestion:
Plasma CameraMobile PhotosIssue:Suggestion:
FFmpeg ThumbnailerVideo thumbnail generator using FFmpegIssue:Suggestion:
KIO AudioCDTransparent integration of audio CDs with KDE Plasma and KDE applications with data conversion capabilitiesIssue:Suggestion:
FlowFlowchart & Diagram EditingIssue:Suggestion:
PlanProject ManagementIssue:Suggestion:
Calligra SheetsSpreadsheetIssue: it's not one spreadsheet, it's for multiple spreadsheetsSuggestion: Spreadsheet Editor
Calligra StagePresentationIssue: like SheetsSuggestion: Presentation Editor
Calligra WordsWord ProcessorIssue:Suggestion:
KAddressBookContact ManagerIssue:Suggestion:
KEuroCalcCurrency converter and calculatorIssue:Suggestion:
KEXIVisual database apps builderIssue:Suggestion:
KileLaTeX FrontendIssue:Suggestion:
KMailMail ClientIssue:Suggestion:
KMyMoneyPersonal Finance ManagerIssue: difference from Skrooge?Suggestion:
KontactPersonal Information ManagerIssue:Suggestion:
KOrganizerPersonal OrganizerIssue: not preciseSuggestion: Calendar and Events Manager
SkroogeManage your moneyIssue: difference from KMyMoney?Suggestion:
TellicoCollection ManagerIssue:Suggestion:
KHelpCenterHelp CenterIssue: maybe specify it's KDE'sSuggestion: KDE Help Center
ApperSoftware ManagementIssue:Suggestion:
DolphinFile ManagerIssue:Suggestion:
KDiskFreeView Disk UsageIssue:Suggestion:
KSystemLogSystem Log ViewerIssue:Suggestion:
KWalletManagerWallet Management ToolIssue:Suggestion:
Muon Package ManagerPackage ManagerIssue: it's a frontendSuggestion: Package Manager Frontend OR Packagekit Frontend
KDE Partition ManagerPartition EditorIssue:Suggestion:
YakuakeDrop-down TerminalIssue:Suggestion:
Dolphin PluginsDolphin integration for revision control systems and DropboxIssue:Suggestion:
FileStashA lightweight solution for virtual folder support in KDE ApplicationsIssue:Suggestion:
Samba Filesharing PluginAdds Configuration of Samba sharing for folders in DolphinIssue:Suggestion:
Printer ConfigurationSet up and configure printersIssue:Suggestion:
SymmyFrontend for the symmetric encryption functionality of GPGIssue:Suggestion:
KDE Wacom tablet moduleConfiguration GUI for graphical tabletsIssue:Suggestion:
ArkArchiving ToolIssue:Suggestion:
FilelightDisk Usage StatisticsIssue:Suggestion:
KAlarmPersonal Alarm SchedulerIssue:Suggestion:
KateAdvanced Text EditorIssue:Suggestion:
KBackupBackup ProgramIssue: maybe showcase it is easy/user-friendlySuggestion: Easy-to-use Backup Program
KCalcScientific CalculatorIssue: is it just a scientific calculator?Suggestion: Advanced Calculator
KCharSelectCharacter SelectorIssue:Suggestion:
KDialogDisplay dialog boxes from shell scriptsIssue:Suggestion:
KFindFind Files/FoldersIssue:Suggestion:
KFloppyFloppy FormatterIssue:Suggestion:
KGpgEncryption ToolIssue:Suggestion:
KleopatraCertificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUIIssue:Suggestion:
KMagScreen MagnifierIssue:Suggestion:
KMouseToolAutomatic Mouse ClickIssue: maybe showcase its a11y benefitsSuggestion: Automatic Mouse Clicks to Prevent RSI
KMouthSpeech Synthesizer FrontendIssue:Suggestion:
KNotesPopup NotesIssue:Suggestion:
KRenameBatch File RenamerIssue:Suggestion:
KronometerChronometerIssue: too redundant with the title, maybe catchy description?Suggestion:
KrusaderFile ManagerIssue: what's the difference to Dolphin?Suggestion:
KTeaTimeTea CookerIssue:Suggestion:
KTimerCountdown LauncherIssue:Suggestion:
KWriteText EditorIssue:Suggestion:
OktetaHex EditorIssue:Suggestion:
RSI BreakHelp prevent repetitive strain injuryIssue: maybe caps for RSISuggestion: Help prevent Repetitive Strain Injury
Smb4KAdvanced Network Neighborhood BrowserIssue: neighborhood?Suggestion: Advanced Network Browser for SAMBA
SpectacleScreenshot Capture UtilityIssue:Suggestion:
SweeperSystem CleanerIssue:Suggestion:
ZanshinTo Do Management ApplicationIssue:Suggestion:
KameraA plugin to support Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) in KDE applicationsIssue:Suggestion:
KCronTask SchedulerIssue:Suggestion:
Markdown Viewer KPartRendered display of Markdown files in KParts-using softwareIssue:Suggestion:
LatteDock for the massesIssue: maybe add article for impactSuggestion: A dock for the masses OR The dock for the masses
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I will think of some proper descriptions later.
That said, I have three questions:

  1. All descriptions (including short ones) come from appstream?
  2. If we change them, are we changing only the website strings and not the appstream descriptions themselves? Sorry this question was already answered in the task description. But then a new question arises: appstream file description is handled by the documentation team, no?
  3. Will those changed strings be translated again, since appstream strings are already translated?

I will think of some proper descriptions later.

Thanks for working on this! It's a very impactful way to contribute.

That said, I have three questions:

  1. All descriptions (including short ones) come from appstream?


  1. Will those changed strings be translated again, since appstream strings are already translated?


Why should cervisia change from CVS? It's exactly what it is. It's not a generic interface to a generic content versioning system, but the interface to a specific one (CVS, which is Concurrent Versions System, but I bet that 90% of my colleagues would recognize it only be the acronym).

Ah, my bad. I mistook the acronyms and remembered them incorrectly.
For some reason I remembered CVS was content versioning system, but what I was thinking about was actually VCS, version control system.
CVS is one of many different VCS. Will remove my suggestion accordingly.

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