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The logo size has been the most visually distracting and inconsistent part of's design for a while.

Due to their size, logos feel like the primary part of page content, almost shouting about themselves. They are one of the reasons that our footer carries visual weight disproportionate for a static chrome, being on average 1/3 of the content for main pages.

The blocker for layout change is that we first need to talk to our sponsors to make sure they agree to the change.


So I would like to propose that we finally do :)
There are 2 options that I suggest we propose:

  1. Reduce logo sizes, keep them in the footer in a row layout
  2. Remove logos from the footer and have them on a well-structured separate page. This is a common practice, even in KDE (1, 2)

It would also benefit the overall look if we could get Enioka to agree to a transparent logo to match the others.

Expected result

This would allow uncluttering the footer,

partially improving the overall impression that users get from our homepage.

Here's what our sponsors have to say:
"That looks way nicer." — Alan Pope, Canonical
"So much better!" — others, most likely ;)

Here is what other communities do:

(the footer does not attract attention, it's an additional navigation pattern, not a content dump)

(the logos are not even part of the website style, they proudly reside on a separate page)

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+1 from my side too ;)

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Reconfirmed the approval from VDG people, would like to ping e.V. to start the discussion with patrons.

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@lydia, is this something the Board could support?

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I'll put it on the agenda for the next call.

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Making them smaller is fine from the board side. Please keep them in the footer though.

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