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Current sorting is all the apps. Consider highlighting the important stuff.

Consider score and consider labels e.g. 'gold standard app' 'decent app' 'up and coming app'

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Just a quick idea: how about recreating the Discover interface as a SPA and using that for

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@joricke I had a similar idea and a very WIP prototype using VueJs. But one of the drawback of using a web application is that it is more difficult to get good SEO. is responsible for 44% of the traffic on and I don't want to affect this number.

Maybe using a progressive web application could be better, but I don't have experience with pwa :(

Increased difficulty, maybe yes, but also increased "wow" effect for users when done right. In terms of getting SEO to properly work with SPAs and VueJS in particular, maybe check out
I have quite a bit of experience with VueJS, vue-router and vuex and never did I have serious issues with SEO thanks to methods described in the linked article. In my opionion it's definitely worth investigating.

I would really love to see it too and I think I will anyway need it at one point, but I don't have the time and any experience with vuejs prerendering or server side rendering. If you would like to contribute, I could guide you around the current horrible beautiful code. It shouldn't be too difficult to do since the entire data structure is already stored in multiple json files.

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Would be also interested in making use of Vue for our websites. Also because Vue has a lovely community behind it. @joricke would you be up to join forces with @ognarb on this?

Sure, why not. I'm not sure how much time I can dedicate to this though as I'm quite packed.

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We now have homepage containing some of the major KDE apps and we could switch quite easily the apps showcased there every 6 months for example.

I also have the idea to have pages like{creatives,developers,family,student...] explaining why KDE is the perfect choice for those persons and we could use these pages to show some other apps.