Quick Action search functionality
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This task came from the 2019 Krita sprint.

The idea is to have something similar to blender. The functionality allows someone to quickly search and find an action. This will search across all actions in krita and return back the top 10 results potentially. See example below for one implementation that is done with a shortcut in Blender.

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Should be worth adding that we came to the conclusion that this should be implemented as a (bundled?) python plugin. QActions can all be fetched via the current python plugin interface so it shouldn't be too hard to implement.

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It might also be useful to include certain other things in the search list, such as names of layers and brush presets to quickly find and activate one

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Microsoft Office has a surprisingly good implementation of a similar feature. Here’s a video showing it in action.

@huftis I do like the idea of it breaking things apart by category with the auto-complete area. I think depending on how this gets hooked up and what is available, we can see what we have to work with.

I think if we add the search area to a visible area, the toolbar might be a good place. It would make it more discoverable. Maybe it could be floated right to be with the workspace chooser.

I do think having this functionality be called upon via a shortcut is a good idea too. When people want to do things fast they usually want to move their mouse/stylus as little as possible. Doing it the way Blender does it means people can press a shortcut, then start searching instantly without touching their mouse.

Another "pie in the sky" idea with something I saw in that Microsoft video. It would be nice to search for recent documents in this and open them that way.

Microsoft Office has a surprisingly good implementation of a similar feature. Here’s a video showing it in action.

And here’s two more videos of this Microsoft Office feature:

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I started coding on this during the sprint, rempt/T11343-qaction-search-widget is the branch. I'm looking at the source code in Qt Creator, which also basically brings together many different sources of information in one search popup.

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I used the quick search a lot when blender first implemented it as a plugin. Would be nice if this could also be implemented as a python widget where the programmer just specifies WxH of the autocomplete box and all the rest of the logic is built in etc...

SublimeText also has what it call FindAnything