Enable physical keyboard on Android for gletters and others
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When using GCompris on an Android device that has keyboard and mouse, some activities don't respond to the keyboard.

It happens especially in gletters based activities, but others might be affected.

It can probably be fixed by enabling the textinput item on mobile platform, but then we need to find a way to not show the android keyboard that shows-up when launching the activity (as we have our own virtual keyboard anyway)

Note: this was reported by a school that would like to use it on some H96+ android devices.

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According to https://forum.qt.io/topic/66783/textfield-and-keyboard-on-android, it seems the android keyboard pops up if we call forceActiveFocus.
I don't have a physical keyboard for android but can they test if this patch:

and disabling the virtual keyboard in configuration is enough?
I can try to provide an apk once I have a decent internet connection...

Thanks for the patch, it has a few different things than what I tried so it might work.
I'll make the test apk when I'm back, check with them and forward the result.

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Any news? Could be good to have in the new release if it fixes the issue.