switch to libinput with plasma 5.16+
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libinput support on x11 should now be lovely jubley, pending 5.16 testing anyway.

unstable and testing should be switched from evdev/synaptics to libinput. this should require changes in the seeds.git and settings.git IIRC.

this also requires changes to the openqa test as they currently expect every edition to use evdev.

[15:05] <sitter> Riddell: we use evdev because last thing I know our KCMs didn't actually work with libinput
[15:05] <sitter> (on x11 I should add)
[15:05] <Riddell> sitter: there's a new kcm today! I guess we should review that
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[15:07] <Riddell> hooray
[15:07] <sitter> Riddell: you could swich testing over. I think the only thing making libinput used by default is the seeds config
[15:08] <sitter> oh and openqa tests will need adjusting as they check evdev is used
[15:08] <jgrulich> is there a plan to include dvratil's plasma-thunderbolt kcm? It would be nice to have it part of Plasma 5.16, Dan asked for review yesterday so it can be part of the release
[15:08] <fvogt> The kcm is about synaptics vs. libinput, not evdev vs. libinput
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[15:09] <fvogt> I think the bolt kcm was targeted for 5.17 - repo freeze for 5.16 was over
[15:09] <Riddell> jgrulich: he's not on IRC to ping that I can see but git repo freeze was ages ago and I never heard anything from him
[15:09] <Riddell> and it's not even through kdereview yet
[15:09] <romangg> fvogt: if the libinput xorg driver is not installed touchpads will work via evdev. I assume the old KCM covered that case as well.
[15:10] <Riddell> so i think he should make standalone releases (or ask me to) and include it in plasma 5.17
[15:10] <romangg> atleast that's how I think it worked. didn't really test every case.
[15:10] <fvogt> romangg: They work via synaptics, not sure about evdev
[15:10] <fvogt> I don't think there's touchpad support in evdev, at least nothing configurable
[15:10] <romangg> fvogt: You could have not installed the synaptics driver. then the touchpad would work with evdev.
[15:10] <fvogt> For keyboard and mouse it's evdev vs. libinput though
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[15:11] <romangg> fvogt: yea, maybe it's not configurable on evdev.
[15:11] <fvogt> Yeah, but not as a touchpad, only as a mouse
[15:11] <sitter> I should clarify: currently neon uses evdev and synaptics. both in place of libinput
[15:11] <romangg> correct, only talking about the touchpad.
[15:12] <romangg> sitter: then currently neon uses synaptics for touchpad and evdev for mouse/keyboard.
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[15:12] <frinring> Riddell: don't forget to tell kde-build-metadata and CI that 5.16 got branched ;) (-> https://community.kde.org/Infrastructure/Continuous_Integration_System#Updating_builds_on_switching_the_.22stable.22_branch)
[15:12] <sitter> yup. that's my undersatnding
[15:12] <sitter> *understanding
[15:12] <romangg> if you want users to actually see the new kcm users must uninstall the synpatics driver manually.
[15:13] <romangg> imo synaptics should get opt in for people who want more control on X over their touchpad. libinput should become the default also on X.
[15:13] <sitter> sounds reasonable
[15:14] <romangg> atleast as long as there are no major issues discovered in beta phase with libinput touchpads.
[15:14] <Riddell> romangg: is there stuff about this new KCM on the 5.16 announce etherpad? or can you give me some bullet points to put in the announce?
[15:14] <zzag> fredrikh: what is it? :-)
[15:15] <romangg> Riddell: there is already something on this notes.kde.org/public list I see.
[15:15] <romangg> via promo
[15:15] <romangg> I think it's fine
[15:16] <sitter> romangg: does synaptics actually need to uninstalled or would it be sufficient for it to get loaded with higher preference?
[15:17] <sitter> the way I recall the debian setup is that there's a bunch of configs files in xorg.conf.d and depending on the order they are loaded in either libinput or evdev/synaptics would get used
[15:17] <sitter> so if the KCM only cares about what is actually used at runtime I suppose uninstall isn't strictly necessary
[15:18] <romangg> sitter: that's true. I talked about this earlier here.
[15:18] <romangg> there needs to be some link
[15:18] <romangg> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Libinput#Via_Xorg_configuration_file
[15:18] <sitter> alright
[15:19] <sitter> yep, that's basically how ubuntu behaves by default, I think we just bent the links so evdev/synaptics gets used
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unstable, testing and release now have updates for libinput by default. pending snapshot for user edition (alongside 5.16.2) and ISO rebuilds for complete resolution

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All ISOs respun and openqa updated as well. Transition complete.

Do existing installs get migrated, or is this only for new installs?