Need testing for WinInk tablet support
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If you use Windows and have a tablet supporting WinInk interface (most modern tablets), then I need your help :)

Installing package:

  1. Download the package:
  2. Enable WinInk API in your tablet driver settings
  3. Enable WinInk API in Krita

  1. Restart Krita

Test plan:

  1. Check if cursor changes correctly, when you hover widgets and buttons. Especially, when you cross the borders of the window (it checks generation of Enter/Leave events).
  2. Check if D&D works with the tablet (in layer box and with files)
  3. Enable Touch Docker and check:
    • if clicking on buttons with stylus works
    • if clicking with touchscreen (if present) works
  4. Press and hold on the layers docker: right-click gesture should trigger and context menu should be shown
  5. Press and hold of the canvas: no right-click gesture should be started
dkazakov created this task.May 16 2019, 8:24 AM
dkazakov updated the task description. (Show Details)May 16 2019, 9:05 AM

The touch docker appears to work fine on my SP2017, but the other QML windows (the open/save file dialogs) doesn't respond to the stylus

Another issue I found is with holding the stylus button to right click on the canvas. It brings up the popup palette but also selects the colour immediately. I just tested this again on some builds and here are the results:

  • 4.1.7: The popup palette appears on tablet down and doesn't activate colour selection, even if I move the stylus around while keeping it pressed.
  • A recent master build made earlier this week: The popup palette appears on tablet down and doesn't activate colour selection, but if I move the stylus around it starts selecting colour.
  • Your build ( The popup palette appears on tablet down and immediately selects the colour under the cursor, even if I just made a quick tap with the stylus.

Other stuff (cursor changes, D&D, right-click gesture) seems fine.

Hey @dkazakov,

  1. Works correctly. (Although I get this bug a lot more in MacOS.)
  2. Works correctly.
  3. Works correctly as well.
  4. Doesn't work on my machine. Verified by keeping a browser tab open besides Krita and testing press-and-hold opening the context menu.
  5. Works correctly.

Hi, @alvinhochun and @lsegovia!

Could you please test the updated package? I have fixed all the issues @alvinhochun mentioned:

I'm on Surface Pro 4/Windows 10 and everything goes well except for (2):

Functionality-wise the drag-and-drop in Layers Docker works pretty well but there are something not quite right with the displaying: when you move a layer downwards then release, the layers in the docker will go quite a bit up and not appear in full.

Also persists.

Hey @dkazakov,

The bugs Alvin reported are fixed in this version. As for item no. 4 in my previous comment, it only works if I use WinTab as the source API. Windows Ink still doesn't work.

Hi, @tusooaw and @lsegovia!

Thank you for your testing! :)

@tusooaw, the rendering after D&D seem to be related to the system font or scaling. It is not related to the actual patch :)

I tested the build and this is my test result:

  • Stylus clicks still not working on the open/save QML dialogs
  • The popup palette colour selection issue is fixed.
  • A new issue I found: if I drag from the colour picker (inside the triangle) to the colour ring or the preset buttons around it with the stylus, whatever under the cursor is selected when the stylus is released (like an extra click).
  • The rest seems fine.