Issues while painting in HDR
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This task contains all of the issues regarding painting in HDR.


  • Some previews of HDR content and HDR colors are in SDR: bug 406698

    Behavior A: all colors are cropped to 80 nits

    Behavior B: colors are shown in full HDR glory (up to 1000 nits in case of white)
    • preview of the Transform Tool: behavior B.
    • layer preview (both in Layers docker and when you hold the cursor over the layers preview and a bigger version is shown): behavior A.
    • color picker (colors that appears in near the cursor when you pick colors): behavior B.
    • image preview in Last Documents (welcome screen): behavior A.
    • history of colors (Advanced Color Selector): behavior A.
  • Not possible to choose bright colors for onion skin for HDR animation: bug 407246
  • 100% transparency in SDR images look like white on HDR display: bug 407238
  • SDR values >1.0 in 16bit/float are not clipped to 80 nits: bug 406968
  • For HDR kra files, mergedimage.png and preview.png are in SDR and have wrong colors: bug 406710


Other issues:

  • Contrintuitive color math in Rec2020 color space

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