Merge of imported transactions
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Quicken 2012 handles imported transactions differently. It seems to have more lenient matching that better matches up manual and imported transactions even if there's a date discrepancy, and it shows the imported transactions in a separate list showing either New or Match. After review you can "Accept" the downloaded transactions; the transactions that Match somehow get auto-merged. I think there's a way to hold back some transactions or edit them to increase the likelihood they match, but I've forgotten the details. I think all of these are better approaches than what Skrooge does. You could imagine Skrooge highlighting potential matches when you select an operation in "operations potentially duplicated" based on amount, date being "close" and maybe even Payee partial matches (e.g. "Mozilla Foundation" and "PAYPAL *MOZILLAFOUN" are the same operation). I think Quicken also only displays one date, as I recall it's also the posted date.