Rescue KDing (or similar) as offline dictionary
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As German native speaker and user and developer in a English speaking community, I very much like to have an dictionary. It should be offline because to look up simple words I don't need to use the Internet and it is better for privacy.

Until recently, I used KDing ( which is fast, has got a fairly good English/German word list and provides an easy way to set a global keyboard shortcut to open the dictionary. Since it is KDE4-based and not maintained, it does not work properly anymore.

Ideally, I would like Plasma to offer easy access to an offline dictionary (read: the best currently available offline dictionary). The "easy" should be so easy that Plasma users do not consider Google Translate anymore for simple translation tasks.

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We track the Pricavy Goal in the KDE Privacy Goal project

Maybe a thing Plasma wants to look at.

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Looks like the official website is down, you just linked the opensuse packaging there.
Do you know where we can find the source code?

@dkardarakos has been working on this app:
Not offline, but maybe can be used as a base

There is Qdacco, a offline catalan-english-catalan dictionary

A general solution could be a front-end for

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In T10719#180305, @apol wrote:

Do you know where we can find the source code?

I already tried to contact the author about two years ago; no success. Here is the source code for version 0.6 on the openSUSE build service: You have to log in to access the tar file. Here it is:

@IlyaBizyaev , @maspons: Thanks for those links. I didn't know these software and services.

Was KDing only German <-> English?

There was KDict, but it seems to disappear after KDE3.

Personally I use It's Qt-based and supports many dictionary formats.

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